Our Life

We welcome diversity. It is the diversity that helps us recruit, motivate and retain talented people from different backgrounds, life experiences and perspectives.

We value different gender, faith, age, race, sexual orientation, points of view, which we believe are some of the visible and invisible differences that make our people unique.

We promote creativity, inclusion, openness and fairplay throughout our business. We ensure all our staff, clients and stakeholders are treated fairly with respect and dignity.

Because of our insistence on diversity, we are able to deliver a variety of best-in-class solutions to our diverse client base and cope with the business challenges in this competitive world.

Employer of Choice 

Deacons is an award winning firm, recognised for excellence in many different aspects of legal practices.

When it comes to employer recognition, we are also ahead of the pack. Deacons continues to be a recognised employer in the legal industry and we are very proud to have been voted one of the Employers of Choice in Hong Kong for 2016, making this the fifth year running the firm has been selected.

This award is recognition of job satisfaction, remuneration, work-life balance, career prospects, mentorship, job security and other aspects that we have. It also reflects what people think about working at Deacons.

Working in Teams

Teamwork matters. People here actively share responsibility and work together to achieve their goals. No matter you are a partner or a trainee, your voice will be heard. Our open and congenial environment fosters real teamwork and helps ensure individual contributions are recognised and rewarded.


We are not just specialists in our individual legal practices. People at Deacons are also well-rounded individuals.

On joining Deacons, you will become part of a dynamic firm. Throughout the year you will have a chance to take part in events arranged by the firm, within your practice and by Deacons Social Circle. We run a wide variety of events from office market place, photography classes, bakery classes, ice cream days, movie nights, race nights to themed annual dinner. For sport fans, you can compete in the firm's golf day, bowling night and several other similar events.

Commitment to Community 

Deacons has long recognised its social obligation to the community and has been actively involved in the Hong Kong community since 1851. That involvement includes our partners, lawyers and staff sharing in the firm’s community effort, either by providing pro bono services to various not-for-profit organisations or participating in the preferred charities and fund raising activities of clients. Other social outreach opportunities include sponsoring and participating in charities of different industries and donating to deserving charities.

The firm has a strong commitment to social awareness and giving back to the community where we operate. Deacons Cares is an initiative embracing a wide range of activities such as charities, community and volunteering services. Under Deacons Cares, we contribute in various ways to deserving causes and the wider community.

Deacons’ vacation students are also committed to community involvement. Vacation students are invited by the firm to involve themselves in a day of community service for non-profit organisations during their internship placement. It aims to provide an opportunity for the vacation students to serve the community and enrich their life experience. The Vacation Student Community Project is an extension of the firm’s long-standing commitment to community involvement.