Welcome, Our Future Colleagues

It’s always a pleasure to meet new graduates each year.

Every graduate is different – with different backgrounds, capabilities and aspirations. This is the way we like it, because we know that the combined strengths of individuals will make us succeed as a firm in years ahead.

We invite the brightest and the best who have the right qualities to succeed at Deacons to join us. Whilst we set very high standards in recruitment, we are very proud of the top quality training and opportunities that we are able to offer to our trainees.

At Deacons everybody shines in one way or another. We do work that we enjoy. We take pride in our professionalism and ability to resolve challenging issues and cases. This is a place where you will be rewarded for your ambition and commitment. A number of our partners launched their career at Deacons as a trainee. You may be one of them too.

As a newcomer there might be times when you will make the odd error and feel the pressure of expectation. This will help you to learn. However, most of the time you will feel confident, valued, and rewarded.

This website is designed to assist you in making the right decision to the first major question in your legal career. We want to recruit the right people, but we also want you to be sure that we are right for you. Within these pages, our colleagues will help you get to know us.