Your Passport to New Adventures

At Deacons, our Vacation Student Programme connects well with our Trainee Programme. Most of our trainees first joined us as vacation students.

As a Deacons vacation student, you will have the benefit of an early exposure to leading professionals and have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources. What you learn will be totally relevant to your future career.

We offer placements lasting four weeks in December, June and July. During your placement you will assist your supervisor, normally a partner or a senior associate, in one of our practice groups. A buddy will be there to assist you in knowing the type of work we do and how we do it.


Duration: 4 weeks
Start: December, June, July

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You should consider yourself applying for a trainee position and therefore similar requirements for a trainee position apply.

When to Apply

LL.B. / combined law degree students from universities in a Common law jurisdiction
Apply during the penultimate year of your degree

HK JD degree / GDL / CPE students
Apply as soon as you receive your law results