Our demands on you are high. You will work hard and be rewarded for your ambition and commitment.

We provide competitive compensation and benefits generally in line with comparable laws firms in Hong Kong, but this only forms part of your rewards.

At Deacons, rewards are not just about financial benefits and offerings. It is also about the satisfaction of dealing with challenging tasks, working with some of the very best and brightest in the field, a high flying career, a proper balance between work and life, personal and professional development...and more.

We view the range of rewards as a total rewards package.

Compensation and Benefits

We will review your compensation and benefits annually and may be comprised of the following:

  • Annual base salary
  • Reimbursement of full-time PCLL course tuition fees
  • Maintenance award
  • 20 days of annual leave
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Medical insurance benefits
  • Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme

Training and Development

Seat Rotation

Rotate through four practice groups during your two years of training, giving you a wide spectrum of opportunities to learn and grow

Orientation Week

Experience a hands-on orientation programme that will introduce you to the firm, our culture, our people, and the technology and research techniques that we use

Technical Skills Training

Participate in over 100 in-house CPD courses in substantive legal subjects, providing you with the skills and knowledge to excel in your work

Lawyer Skills Training

Further polish your competence in different areas of interest or areas which require improvement, e.g., language, legal writing, advocacy

Practice Group Meeting

Participate in regular practice group meetings in formal or informal settings, giving you a chance to learn, share and mingle with members of your own and other practice groups

Ongoing Mentor Meeting

Meet with mentors to obtain business and career guidance during your traineeship