Discover the Right Firm and Launch your Career

If you have the desire and drive to work as a solicitor in the legal industry, Deacons is the best place to begin.

Our Trainee Programme and Vacation Student Programme will ensure that you are prepared to join our prestigious team the moment you walk through the door.

At Deacons, training is carefully structured and designed to provide you with variety and intellectual challenge during each of your career steps. While your most important professional growth takes place on the job, there will also be continuing training and programmes to give you new skills and essential knowledge to excel in your job.

We understand that legal career is a marathon, not a sprint. To attract and retain the best we nurture our people to become legal talent of tomorrow through a culture that is congenial and inclusive, where people's capacity to initiate is fully engaged, enabling exceptional drive, contribution and satisfaction. It is a place where people feel respected, work as a team and can achieve their personal and professional goals.

It is an honour to work at Deacons. Come and discern the difference.

Qualities We Look For

You will take pride in your role, meet the challenges, work in a team, drive for excellence and build relationships, with clients and colleagues, with integrity and trust.

Most importantly, people here are doing something they love and enjoy. This commitment drives them to deliver extraordinary client service and be proud to be part of our team.

Our requirements are stringent. People have joined us from very different backgrounds but they have many qualities in common.

Qualities we look for:

  • With integrity
  • Be passionate about law
  • With a business mindset
  • Be analytical and organised
  • Be an exceptional academic achiever
  • Be a team player
  • Be a strong communicator